Our Team

Team work is dream work.

Omazzii was started to help break the mold of the traditional print shop. At Omazzii we go above and beyond to ensure your finishes, binding, colours and custom service is blowing through any expectations. We want to be your print partner in order to help enhance your brand through print products. It would be our absolute pleasure to work with you. Join the print revolution today!

Karmali Karmali

Karmali Karmali

Managing Partner


  • I rep. the Six (Toronto), I love traveling and pushing limits.
  • My wish for the world is unconditional love and a realization of oneness.
  • My favorite print product is an all out embellished perfect bound book – Soft Touch Covers, Spot Clear or Metallic Foil Typeset with a clean bind.
Hussein Karmali

Hussein Karmali

Assistant Manager


  • I love soccer, golfing, documentaries and all things techy.
  • My wish for the world is respect and willingness to share.
  • My favourite product is ink on uncoated rough paper – It makes simple designs look and feel rich.


Production Manager


  • I LOVE to travel to see nature’s beauty.
  • My wish for the world is love and tolerance.
  • My favorite print product is Canvas; prints feel artsy.
Hien (Stephanie) Le

Hien (Stephanie) Le

General Print Production Assistant Intern


  • I LOVE things that are pink, dessert, cats and enjoying life.
  • My wish for the world is more equality and peace.
  • My favourite print product is the soft touch lamination – it’s so smooth!